"No Replacement for Displacement." - Author Unknown

Friday, September 17, 2010

Promised stuff from class

I promised some stuff from class but have been so busy. So here is the first assignment that I like how it came out.

it's a cross hatch ink drawing of a 1949 Carter Y-1 Carburetor  

This drawing took a total of about 35-40 minutes.

I got the Carb a little dark to start with so I was a little worried about the shading, but it came out alright.


My Cat was actually sweet last night and didn't attack me in my sleep. and I got some cute pics so here they are.


Shh it's a secret blog fest entry

Life is full of secrets. Secrets that feel like so many different things. Bad ones that feel like daggers in your side, good ones that make you feel like winning a prize, and even some that you just don't care about. In life it's like there is a Baskin Robins of secrets, but there are way more than the original 31 flavors. But if you are really lucky maybe someday you'll find someone to share them all with. If you find that person hang on for all you are worth.