"No Replacement for Displacement." - Author Unknown

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Well what will fix this one?

I work in a shop as I've mentioned in a previous blog. My boss is great, a little eccentric maybe, but a good guy. He was a tech for years then bought the shop and is owner/manager. So he comes out and coaches, tell his trade secrets, and keep a general feel for the pulse of shop aned what's going on with each job. Anyway the other day I had a particularly annoying leak on a Oldsmobile Alero that I recently did a lower intake gasket on. So the fact that it felt like it was somewhat my fault was not making me any happier about my situation. I was assessing the situation when my boss wandered by and asked what it would take to fix it. With out batting a eye lash I responded " A block of C-4" ( Now at this point I have to explain I was in the Marines for 4 years of my life. Where they certified me as a breacher, which is a demo expert for getting into buildings.) My Boss smiled and laughed as he said " Yeah but you aren't qualified to do that." I started grinning and he turned to look at me seeing my large grin and then said " Then again. NO. Not even if you are."  Anyway it made me laugh.

So it's been a really long day and I'm bushed so I'm calling it a night.

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