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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dogs Rule and Cats Wear Drool

I have two dogs. They're like my kids. Though they look aggressive they are pretty sweet dogs. Anyhow I got a Cat recently she's only about 3 months old now. I named her Sasha and she is ornery. When I first attempted to introduce her to my dogs the Boys ( Hemi and Chewby) were very good not nipping or chasing as I Held her down too them. They tried to sniff just a little. The Cat proceeded to claw them both in the face and and grow a Mohawk of hair down her back. Needless to say both puppies were a bit shocked by this sudden display of aggression

Sasha (Thinks She's the Boss)

It took the boys a while to become brave enough to attempt contact again, I gave up immediately trying to broker peace since when she clawed them she proceeded to crap all down the front of my shirt. But Sasha figured out they were a little worried about what the heck she was and started terrorizing them. charging them and chasing them.  Pretty soon though they adjusted and began to play chase back and get used to her. Soon they were so good together that they would all crowd around the water bowl together and the dogs would soak the cat as she drank water between them.

They hadn't been paying her much mind lately. As she'd run in and out of their area. So I hadn't thought much of it. I think Hemi tried it first, but as I came around the corner into the kitchen I saw the funniest thing. If I'd had my camera in time it would've been great.

Hemi had the cat by her scruff and carried her to the far corner and let her go. She being of a independent nature ran for the door. Where she was promptly picked up by Chewby who headed straight to the far corner changing positions with his brother. There he released her and she repeated the previous motions only with Hemi as the captor this time. They did this four times. I was practically rolling laughing. Then Sasha had decided that enough was enough. She clawed them both stormed from the room and clawed me as she walked by hissing.

Sasha thought she had her world under her little paw. Boy was she mistaken. She learned a important rule The cat only rules the house when the dogs let her.

This is Sasha playing fetch, she is actually better at it than the dogs


  1. great post- but I'm on sasha's side!

  2. Hilarious!!! Now I have a grandcat too. What fun! You kids are bound and determined to make my allergies go wild if I visit either of you.