"No Replacement for Displacement." - Author Unknown

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Well lets do a list

I'm feeling much better today thanks to a friend that insisted I play hooky and go to the lake with her to swim and lay around in the sun. I did need the break and now I feel alot better. And hey I even got my chores mostly done.  I decide rather than being a ranting lunatic today I'd do a list of my 5 favorite cars and why they are. So here it goes.

1. The 1969 Plymouth Superbird, Just gotta love that long nose and huge fin, not to mention the 440 or 426 Hemi engine options. Just a great car.

2. The 1969 Chevelle SS, Stock 396 in it , nice shape and just built to look mean.

3. The 1970 Dodge Charger, I loved this cars stance and body lines and once again awesome power plant options.

4. the 1949-1957 Chevy Coupes, build them right and they are some sweet hot rods, and the later 50's     Belairs are just gorgeous.

5. The Model T, yes I said it, as a Ratrod lover I have to put it on the list the old T-rod is alive and kicking, never a same ol powerplant and never a unoriginal moment, I think Henry Ford would be proud to know it's still running today and being a cause of inventiveness.

So there it is and that's just Cars. Coming Soon The truck list. LOL


  1. You missed 1965 Ford Mustang.

  2. Now I thought you wanted a 64 1/2 I've been busy looking for that. See you don't even have your #1 nailed down.

  3. I want a 64 1/2 to own, but the models are very alike and a 65 is what I would put as my number one on a list. Truth is I like the prestige of a 64 1/2 but their bodies are nearly identical