"No Replacement for Displacement." - Author Unknown

Monday, August 2, 2010

Just Surfed Around

I Just wandered this big, weird world known as Blogger. I found much to like and some stuff that just made you scratch your head. I found the Bible belt of blogs, the family circle circuit, The entrepreneurs lane of shops, And finally the Artists refuge. For many I think when they see me they think, "Great another Redneck hick". Truth is though I'm not by any means a good artist I try some. But I felt a connection more to their blogs than any other. I grew up some of my younger years in a small town in Montana that had a large abundance of artists, some in title only and some that had real talent. My Mother was one of these. I'm sure she'd try to cop out and say she wasn't very good and start listing her friends that were better. But my mom always had a gift she could do any art and make it look good. Maybe not quit your job and do it good though she was a potter for a while. But I still love that artistic nature. I long to create, I think that this is the reason I find hotrods so fascinating. My longing to create an original thing. But I just wanted to explain, for some odd reason my reason for following all those artists blogs. I love to see that next great original piece that comes from nowhere but the creators mind. Keep creating and inspiring me and others and maybe someday we'll get our masterpieces on here to show you too.


  1. I have always loved art and I love to create, but as you said I could name others who are truly artists. I am still waiting for that moment of creative spark when what I have created is totally me. Not something I have copied or mimicked, but entirely from my mind. There are a few ideas rattling around in there and maybe some day I will actually try them out. Perhaps fear holds me back some. The fear that they won't really be worth seeing after I try them, but we'll see.
    I am glad you are trying your hand again in art for you have been creative all your life, even as a little guy. (but as I have always said, the manufacturer is always proud of the product.) :)